Happy (Belated) War Glorification Day

It was just about impossible to turn on the TV yesterday without stumbling upon a maudlin tribute to our fallen heroes in some form or other, whether a straight news piece or a war movie of the Band of Brothers variety.  Even during the seventh inning stretch of the Phillies game there was a sappy musical tribute to those who, as the announcer put it, “made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.”  And you couldn’t so much as drive down the street without being assaulted by American flags.

Of course, a day devoted to remembering people killed in wars could just as easily be an anti-war holiday.  But, alas, this isn’t the case here in America, where militarism is the national religion, in spite of the official myth about how the U.S. isn’t an aggressor and only goes to war when it has no other choice.


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