From the Annals of the Ironically Named

I was at the library last night and I happened to notice, in one of the return carts, a book by Arlen Specter called Passion for Truth.  A book by a politician about how much of a hard on he has for the truth—and a big, thick one at that (the book, not the hard on).  I found this amusing, for obvious reasons, and it got me to thinking that maybe they should do a series along the lines of the for Dummies books.  Here are a few possible titles:

Passion for Freedom, by David Patraeus

Passion for Justice, by Eric Holder

Passion for Losing, by Charlie Sheen

Passion for Education, by Arne Duncan

Passion for Altruism, by Hank Paulson

Passion for Knowledge, Erudition, and a Non-moronic-sounding Nickname, by The Situation

Passion for Women Over the Age of 30, by Donald Trump

Passion for Human Life, by this guy

I think I may have a winner on my hands here.

2 thoughts on “From the Annals of the Ironically Named

  1. Don’t forget those Trad Xtian churches where you can go see a “Passion Play” this time of year, where they re-enact the Crucifixion.

    And that movie, which I never saw but remember the name… “Passion Fish”

    • I saw Passion Fish, years ago. I can’t remember much about it, to be honest. I went through a phase where I rented most of John Sayles’s movies. They have that certain watching-paint-dry brand of indie realism that had a certain charm for me back then. Still does to some extent.

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