In which Pakastani general assures de facto US state media outlet that he has no qualms about killing “terrorists”

Malik insists he has no orders to go easy on the network.

“As a military commander, let me assure you, I have no orders to spare anybody, and I don’t spare anybody,” he says.

But when asked if his troops are specifically targeting the Haqqani network, Malik says: “We don’t specifically target anybody. You see, there’s no such thing as a good terrorist and a bad terrorist.

“Anybody who challenges the writ of the state, or who is working against the interest of Pakistan, we target them.”

Malik never quite says he is or is not targeting the Haqqani network.

“I don’t give names to the terrorists, you know,” he says. “I don’t differentiate. My issue is I ask questions later, I shoot first. … We target them very, very indiscriminate, if I may say so.”

Listening to this on the way in to work yesterday, I couldn’t help thinking that Steve Inskeep was auditioning for a job at Hillary’s State Dept.  His tone was all like: “Well, are you gonna kill these Haqqanis or what?  Huh?  I can’t hear you!”

Conservatives like to rip NPR as though it’s some sort of bastion of “socialism” in the heart of freedom’s land.  This is your typical Hannityesque critique of the “librool media” pushing its insidious, American character-eroding pro-government agenda.  As usual, they’re only half right.  They’ve got the pro-government part correct, but the “liberal” bugaboo is nowhere to be found.


2 thoughts on “In which Pakastani general assures de facto US state media outlet that he has no qualms about killing “terrorists”

  1. Inskeep would like to work for Hillary from one perspective, but he has greater name recognition where he is now. It would depend on what kind of egoist he is — political, and therefore happy behind the scenes… or media, and desiring of frequent public notice.

    Folks who work Pub Aff at State don’t get the same amount of face- or voice-time that Inskeep gets right now. So the “up” bump is the comparison of power, weighing the “image” of working for State against the “image” of working for Enn Pee Are. Since Enn Pee Are is an arm of State, it follows that politically it’s more obviously powerful to work for State.

    “Liberal media” is a phrase that doesn’t describe things as they are, but instead aims to create a false “reality” by describing them falsely. It’s part of the Bread and Circus, a point in the agenda of Keep Them Divided.

    • Yeah, and it’s a strangely self-reinforcing false reality. I wonder how many liberal NPR listeners, for example, believe NPR is “liberal” just because conservatives say it is.

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