How the Deal Went Down

Here’s the story, according to Richard Reeves at truth[sic]dig:

Taking a few moments away from their normal business of stopping progress, those dastardly teabaggers held speaker of the house John Boner hostage (presumably at musket-point) and “blackmailed their opponents” into accepting a debt deal that nobody in America, save for this gaggle of “know-nothings” nostalgic for the 18th century, wanted.  And Obama, president of the United States, most powerful man ever, just went along with it.  Why?  Because, poor trusting sap that he is, he believed Boner could “deal with the hostage-takers,” but tragically he was wrong.

I think some of the folks at truthdig need to keep digging.

3 thoughts on “How the Deal Went Down

  1. Yep!

    …and they should start by working the shovel in the ground (relevant facts like whose interests are being advanced) rather than clawing wildly about in the air (ideology, partisanship, and “process”)

    • Well put. Maybe I should have said “start digging.” In fairness, though, there was another article over there about Denny K. telling people that Obama got exactly what he wanted.

  2. “…about Denny K. telling people that Obama got exactly what he wanted.”

    As someone who helped ram Obamacare down America’s throat, circus midget Denny doesn’t have much room to be the “critic” or eyes-open sage here, though… does he?

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