In case you haven’t heard, some guy named Rick Perry, who looks like Mitt Romney’s country fried half-cousin, has entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination, and apparently he’s even more of a “know-nothing” than George W. Bush and Michelle Bachmann!  Since when is knowing something a prerequisite for being president?  That’s what they hire advisors for.*  I mean, what does Barack Obama “know,” other than how to give a speech that sounds vaguely like some civil rights leader from back when and how to make self-satisfied liberals feel even better about themselves than they already do?  The only difference is that Rick Perry has to pander to religious yahoos, global warming heretics, and people who are skeptical of the diktats coming from Chairman Ben over at the Fed, instead of the Whole Foods set.  He knows all he needs to know.  As for how he would govern in the event that he somehow manages to bamboozle his way into the white house, I imagine it wouldn’t be much different than the way his predecessor did.

(*Phil Giraldi at has a piece that also compares Perry to Bush, and also portrays Perry as a know-nothing—in this case, somebody who knows nothing about foreign policy and who is, therefore, an easy mark for those wily neocons who are grooming him so that in case he gets elected president he’ll be ready to…continue running U.S. foreign policy as it’s been run for the last, I don’t know, 40 years or so.  Again, I’m not sure what knowledge has to do with anything here.)

6 thoughts on “YeeeeeeeeHawwwww!!

  1. Phil Giraldi is as beholden to Empire as any of the legion of hypocrites writing for Raimondo. I admire their collection behind the mask of being “anti-war,” but they are pro-capitalism, which isn’t really an anti-war philosophy no matter how you implement it. Capitalism cannot exist without conquest and subordination and/or enslavement of those who stand in its way.

    I can’t remember reading a Giraldi entry that I found well-reasoned. He’s like the Ray McGovern of the libertarian cult. Suppsedly his CIA past lends him some gravitas. But when, ever, was the CIA a trustworthy source of anything except mendacity and manipulation? As McGovern exists to hate on the Republicans, Giraldi exists to sanctify capitalism. Psy-ops familiars, the two of them.

    And of course, Perry is skerry… he’s an Evil Rethuglican, ergo a devil incarnate. Clearly, we need 4 more years of The Obamessiah, truly the lesser-est of evils.

  2. PS: the above doesn’t mean to say everything at Raimondo’s place sucks. I just think it sucks when it comes to the intersection of anti-war and capitalism, because as I said, if one admires capitalism, and professes to be anti-war, self-contradiction is eventual. Capitalism knows no other path than literal or virtual conquest of others. It would be cool if it were otherwise, but a system that is built upon mankind’s most destructive urges (negative selfishness, materialism, acquisitiveness, power-lust, envy, greed) will never end in any way but badly. Ever.

    • I tend to think that their pro-capitalism is based on an idealized version of capitalism–meaning genuine free markets, or markets with government intervention that’s limited pretty much to property protection and not much else. The last may be a fantasy, the same way a genuine progressive government may be, but I think their commitment to non-aggression is real.

      As for whether capitalism leads inevitably to conquest and war, I don’t know. American and British capitalism obviously have, but what about a place like Switzerland?

      And re: Giraldi, I see him as a kind of goo-goo conservative, more of a rightish Ralph Nader than an outright apologist for capitalism. Again, maybe a somewhat naive position, but I don’t get the sense that there’s any bad faith going on.

  3. Yeah that’s what I said in too many words, too indirectly: an idealized capitalism.

    If I were more a student of history, I could offer some thoughts on “why Switzerland,” but my gut level is that it has something to do with its neighbors and how they see it, and not so much to do with capitalism per se.

    My experience as an American is that Americans have too much negative energy/impulse liberated in a capitalist system. Which suggests a chicken vs egg conundrum — are they that way only because of capitalism, or does capitalism simply allow what’s already there to be manifest more clearly?

    Maybe the Swiss have some sort of cultural character that encourages more positive selfishness and less negative selfishness. Whatever the case, the Swiss obviously are unlike the Americans, or the British, or the Germans. The contrast to Germany and Italy would be interesting to me, since they are neighbors. Maybe that’s my next reading project… hmmm.

    Yeah, that’s my take on Giraldi too. I’m just suggesting that goo-goo = support for capitalism. Even though it’s a highly regulated, proto-fascist type, America’s system is still capitalist. It’s based on money, materialism, consumerism… even if it’s got some socializing of costs and privatizing of profits.

    Like anarchism, I think capitalism can work in small societies where everyone agrees on core social values. As practiced in large societies, though, I think its end-stages now seen in America and the UK are the norm, and Switzerland the odd exception.

  4. Joe — speaking of… did you see this:


    Dear Mr. Sixpack,

    Welcome to Paranoiaville (f/k/a U.S.A.) circa 2011. Please make haste to your local Federal office building, to formally surrender your civil liberties and accept constant FBI and HomSec monitoring of your non-treasonous, formerly-protected daily life activities.

    We thank you for your support.


    Barack Hussein Obama
    44th U.S. President

    Eric Holder
    U.S. Attorney General

    Janet Napolitano
    Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

    • Karl,

      Yeah, I saw that. Raimondo’s take is pretty good–it does manage to make the Feds look like a bunch of buffoons while at the same time being “creepy,” as he put it. Funny that the government of our “peace loving nation” would be so bothered by an obscure website questioning the wisdom of making war on the entire planet. Not that it’s anything new.

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