Big Mother

Teenagers who want to quit smoking in 2012 have a new tool at their disposal: personal messages of encouragement and advice sent straight to their phones, from the federal government.

I’m sure a bunch of text messages, lovingly auto-generated by the central database at the NIH, will have teenagers quitting smoking in droves.  Maybe I’m hopelessly old-school, but I thought the point of smoking when you’re a teenager is exactly because the grown-ups don’t approve.

4 thoughts on “Big Mother

  1. But smartphones are the new … wheel? Discovery of fire? Equivalent to Einstein’s theory of relativity? … and therefore essential to the New Parental State!

    If the State can’t treat us all like immature 4 year olds, what then CAN it do?

    (this Snark-FreeTM message brought to you by The Citizens for Technophilia and Progress)

    • Talk about putting the chains on yourself. Register your portable electronic tracking device–sorry, cell phone–with the feds so they can send you friendly reminders that you promised to quit smoking. You might as well just get one of those ankle bracelets that parolees wear around.

    • I think you may have just predicted the next big scandal. Some perv at the NIH sending pics of his junk to unsuspecting teens who thought they were signing up for smoking cessation support. That would be great.

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