With peaceniks like these who needs warmongers?

I love the shameless stroking of Obama’s “national security cred”—based upon his willingness to continue to prosecute and expand upon Bush’s wars—in an article ostensibly denouncing “the warmongers” who want to attack Iran.  Obama’s “made his bones on national security” by killing children with remote control airplanes.  He might as well have said, “Hey, Mitt, how many kids have you killed with Predator drones?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Now sit down and shut up.”

But we’re supposed to view Obama as the only option for peace because—so far—he hasn’t launched an attack on Iran.  So what?  There were plenty of people yammering about the threat from Iran back during the Bush regime, and he didn’t attack them either.  I guess somebody should go on down to the ranch in Midland and present the man with a Nobel.

This is a variation on the pathetic argument that if Gore had been elected instead of Bush we would never have invaded Iraq, except instead of a hypothetical past reality we’re dealing with a hypothetical future reality—i.e., if Romney gets elected the tanks’ll be rolling into Tehran by Valentine’s Day.  It’s also a pretty good illustration of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of lesser-evilist Dimbot apologists.


One thought on “With peaceniks like these who needs warmongers?

  1. Barry O, 2004: I may seek higher office, I should say “war is bad”
    Barry O, 2006: I would like to vault from the Senate to the White House, so all GOP war is bad.
    Barry O, 2008: As president, I promise to close Guantanamo Bay and not continue the policies of the Evil Rethuglican who preceded me
    Barry O, 2010: Due to exigent and unforeseen circumstances, I must ramp up all ongoing military action, increase the scope of places we are involved militarily, expand the amount of covert military operations ongoing, radicalize Homeland Security procedures, and seek to assassinate anyone who threatens “national security” — including Americans at home!
    Barry O, 2012: In my second term, I promise to fight the Evil Rethuglicans every step of the way in their ongoing efforts at continuing and expanding baseless militarism. I will promote democracy –with force when necessary– everywhere it is threatened. With enhanced “national security” comes economic growth!

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