Waitin’ Around to Lose

The Phillies’ monochromatic color man, Chris Wheeler, who explains the purpose of the “no-doubles defense” every single game (like the name isn’t self-explanatory enough, or like we haven’t heard it a few thousand times already), actually said something worthwhile last night in the post-game segment: “They’re waiting around to lose.”  This was after the Phils blew a 4-1 lead in the 7th inning on the road to an eventual 7-4 loss, and after losing the fourth of their last five games (and the fourth out of five to the Mets this year, all of them at home).  It’s become something of a trend lately for them to jump out to an early lead and then score nothing the rest of the game, squandering plenty of opportunities to pick up extra runs, while the other team gradually chips away.  And with the bullpen they have, the worst in the league so far, this is like adding cargo to a sinking ship.

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