When the national religion is war…

This is possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, and literally not worth the minute it takes to read it.  So here’s the shorter version: Americans so strongly support the troops because it’s the one issue, in our hopelessly fractured political culture, upon which we can all agree and thus satisfy our collective yearning for a sense of national unity.  And here I thought it was because we’ve been fed a relentless barrage of propaganda our entire lives about how the soldiers fight and die to protect our freedoms and only an ingrate or a heretic would fail to profess his support.

2 thoughts on “When the national religion is war…

  1. When I think of a military person I don’t think of some brave soldier running off into battle. I also don’t imagine some beefed up American jingoist ruthlessly blowing away a bunch of near starvation foreigners. What I see is a bunch of screwed up 17 to 18 year old kids taken advantage of by the military with their promises of making ‘something’ out of their pathetic asses. Usually it’s helicopter repairman or computer engineer, but what it usually ends up being is some fucked up grunt position and a tour overseas. I’m not saying that there aren’t a number of sick fucks that actively want to kill some dirty Arab scumbag, but I doubt that most of those soldiers wouldn’t prefer to be far away from any type of war zone.

    This whole saluting our soldiers is just another cheap, empty gesture. The kind of no commitment, feel good charity you see everywhere nowadays. Want to cure cancer? Put this ribbon on, walk a few miles, take some pictures for Facebook and then give $5 to Komen, even though you have no idea whether it’s making a damn bit of good. For soldiers, it’s making a goofy salute, cheering when they show them on the screen at the game and then ‘defending our military’ whenever some hippie talks bad about them, while ignoring the fact that the government has continually cut their benefits and increased the number of tours so they come home broken physically and mentally. But that’s okay, because they’re tough guys who can handle it! And they’ll get to watch the Army-Navy game after riding on a Freedom train!

    • Can’t disagree with a bit of this. The military definitely preys on clueless kids who, oddly enough, have no sense of purpose or direction after 13 years of schooling. And yes, saluting the troops is often a hollow, cynical gesture. Sad thing is, the people that are sincere about it are the ones who have nothing to gain and the most to lose in these pointless wars.

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