This is your brain on Fox News

At a family dinner the other night, the subject of the protests against austerity measures in Greece and elsewhere was brought up.  The person who brought it up predicted that a worldwide depression was going to happen soon because “the Greeks are going to default on their debts and drag the rest of us down with them.”  He went on to inform the captive audience at the dinner table that the reason for this unmanageable level of debt is that the Greeks (and other Europeans) want all kinds of free handouts from the government but are “too lazy” to work more than 30 hours a week.  He then began to mock the mandated 30-hour work week in some countries:

Imaginary worker who just can’t get enough of toiling away for the boss-man: “But I want to work more.”

Boss-man: “Nope, sorry, you’re only allowed to work 30 hours.”

This little bit of fantasy theater was followed by a tedious paean to the glorious American work ethic, which is what has allowed us to stay “ahead” of all those latte-sipping Euro-bums all these years.

Somebody, perhaps sensing that they were being fed a pre-fab line of bullshit, said, “Is it because they’re lazy, or is it something else?”

“Oh, it’s because they’re lazy,” the instigator (and his wife) shot right back.

At this point I had to chime in: “Who wants to work 40 hours a week?  I don’t.  And who decided that we have to work 40 hours anyway?  It wasn’t the workers.”

The conversation more or less fizzled out after that, but it occurred to me later (of course) that what I should have asked was: “It wouldn’t by any chance have anything to do with the banker-thieves crashing the financial system with their pyramid schemes, would it?”  But then again, maybe it was better to not ruin the simplistic “narrative” that it’s us against the lazy Greeks, and that Wall St. isn’t giving us the shaft, too.

3 thoughts on “This is your brain on Fox News

  1. Greece could default tomorrow & it’d have much less effect than we’re being led to believe. The real fear is if Greece isn’t the only one (Spain, for example).

    To state a related obviousness: the Euro was a dumb idea.

    • Yeah, and Italy, too. The funny thing is, a lot of these people parroting the “lazy Greek” narrative are the same people who view the UN as a threat to US sovereignty, yet, oddly, they can’t seem to muster any sympathy for people whose government sold them out to the European Central Bank.

      And to compound the obviousness, I’m sure somebody’s benefitting from the Euro. It’s just not the average Greek/Italian/Spaniard/etc.

      • Well, the ECB is ran from Germany, & the German government from what I hear has an outsized influence on euro policy in general, so for locating real beneficiaries I’d start there.

        BTW: I’ve been seeing news online out of Greece on occasion about the fallout from all this crap. Apparently a Greek neo-nazi party (Golden Dawn) has popped up — w/ the cops already in cahoots.

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