Thinking Inside the Box

Apparently some of our leading lights have decided that “creativity” is as important as intelligence. That means, of course, that they have to devise more and better ways to quantify it, like everything else, because you can’t mine for a resource until you figure out where to start drilling, and schoolchildren are nothing if not little reservoirs of potential value to be tapped at the whims of “society, business and education.”

One of the test-makers made “an interesting discovery” while testing their test, though:

Elementary school kids scored better on it than high school kids did. “I think the expression that many people use is that the schools have a tendency to suck the creativity out of kids over time,” he says.

And that’s a problem — a problem that will require enormous creativity to solve.

I’m not sure if it demonstrates “enormous creativity” or not, but here’s a thought: If you’re looking for more creative kids, and more school tends to result in less creative kids, how about less school? Not likely to happen, I know. Something tells me it would be resisted as an example of “premature closure.” Instead, they’ll probably start teaching courses in creativity and bludgeon it out of them by the time they’re in third grade.


3 thoughts on “Thinking Inside the Box

    • Well, I’m not above taking the occasional potshot at NPR, or Fox News. Good or bad, it’s our media, and it’s where most people get their information/are told what to think about things. Regardless, I don’t really consider this a criticism of NPR so much as a criticism of the educational system and the many many people who seem to believe it has something to do with the betterment of children, as opposed to a farm system for the Fortune 500.

      Besides, my radio choices on my commute boil down to commercial music stations, sports talk, “conservative” “talk” radio, and NPR. I’m damn near a captive audience.

  1. Holy fuck! Next thing you know, someone’s gonna equate creativity and intelligence, and really muddy the waters!

    Creating new ways to label something as exceptionally creative and therefore quite possibly supremely intelligent, that’s sure to keep a fool or two busy while others actually are trying to create something other than a new split of a hair’s already split end.

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