Yes, he actually said that

I caught John Kerry being interviewed on BBC World News this morning.  Apparently he’s in Sudan overseeing (yeah, John Kerry is going to personally ensure that there’s no monkey business going on with the vote) the referendum on whether the south will secede.  Anyway, when asked whether the new Republican majority in congress will disrupt the Obama administration’s meddling in the country, he said (paraphrase): “I hope the great American foreign policy tradition of politics ending at the water’s edge will continue.”

Would this be the same “great tradition” that brought us the War on Iraq and other hilarious misadventures in the Middle East and Asia, not to mention all the other places in the world fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of US foreign policy?  And would this be the same Senator from Massachusetts who sorta-kinda, but not really, opposed the invasion and occupation of Iraq—or at least how it had been handled by the Bush Administration—in 2004?

So while the fine Senator, who increasingly resembles nothing so much as a cadaver with a voice recorder shoved up his ass, celebrates the great tradition of bipartisan unity when it comes to the killing of foreigners, the rest of the world gets busy building bomb shelters.