Burn It

It’s hard to disagree with the guy who noted the obvious Maoesqueness of superimposing Obomba’s face on the U.S. flag, but I have to admit, I can’t really muster a whole lot of outrage.  Well, okay, none, actually.  Let’s see: Idolizing a sitting president is bad, but worshipping a tri-colored piece of fabric makes perfect sense.  I know we’re supposed to unquestioningly respect the brave souls who’ve fought to protect our freedoms—one of which is not, apparently, the freedom to burn said piece of tri-colored fabric—but, seriously, when are these people going to wake up and realize that the flag doesn’t represent what they think it represents?  You didn’t go all the way to Korea in 1951 to protect your neighbors in Lake County, Florida from the red menace, for shit’s sake; you went there to kill and die and be maimed and to develop PTSD in order to further the interests of a handful of wealthy men in expensive suits who hold you in about the same regard as a head of cattle.