Not that this particular dead horse needs any more beating, but I’m still amazed by the amount of reverence people have/had for a college football coach.  Forget about the rioters and the students who crashed the Board of Trustees’ press conference to protest the firing of “Joe Pa.”  I’m talking about the middle-aged dudes who call into sports talk radio shows in utter disbelief that such a tragedy could have befallen such a “great man.”  The other day, a caller asked a host if he thought they’d be able to honor Paterno in some kind of public ceremony at some point in Paterno’s lifetime.  The host said that he doubted it, seeing as how Paterno is already 80-some years old and it’s going to take more than a few years for a scandal involving the rape of 10-year-olds to blow over.  The caller sounded downright disillusioned as he conceded the point.  How did this happen?  How did the legacy of a fucking college football coach become so damn important?  I mean, what did the man do besides turn an average state college into a wildly popular destination for white suburban kids who like the idea of going to a school with a winning football team and a top-notch party program?