American Politics 101

The political establishment, helped by the mass media and intelligentsia, has long played a game in this country. It consists in depicting the competition for power as between two blocs: one hostile to business in the name of social justice, the other friendly to business in the name of “the free market.” Each bloc’s talking points and pet projects are calculated in superficial ways to reinforce its signature theme. Whenever the blocs need to rally their respective bases, they accentuate their surface differences. The “antibusiness” bloc accuses its opponents of being, say, Wall Street lackeys, while the “pro-free-enterprise” bloc accuses its opponents of being, say, socialists.

It’s all a sham that serves each side’s interests. The rivals actually want two variations of the same thing: the corporate state, a system of economic privilege that transfers wealth via government from market entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers to well-connected business interests.

Sheldon Richman, The Freeman

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Election Day Notice

Apparently, judging by the number of campaign ads and phone calls and letters I’ve received, not to mention people knocking on my door, all urging me to vote, this is the most important election in at least two years.  I’m told that if I don’t vote, if I succumb to the cynicism that’s always threatening to corrode “our democracy,” a radical right- or left-winger might get into office, and then…well, we don’t even want to think about what that might mean.  Not to mention all of the jobs that are on the line!  So, come on everyone, get out and vote.  We desperately need to change (the faces in) Washington.