Lifestyle Libertarianism

It looks like Kennedy has joined her old MTV colleague Kurt Loder among the ranks of the Reason libertarians.  Here she is taking potshots at something called “attachment parenting.”  I’m not entirely sure what attachment parenting is, even after reading the article, except that it’s apparently something practiced by “commies,” which is apparently a term for “killjoys” who don’t like the idea of ingesting petrochemicals and high fructose corn syrup.  I can’t say I have much truck with people who make a religion out of their dietary preferences (religion in the sense of a pedestal upon which to look down on the unwashed unbelievers), but it’s hard to take someone seriously whose idea of rational skepticism is pooh-poohing the legitimate concerns of earnest lefty types just because they’re earnest and lefty.  Kennedy comes off as yet another “libertarian” whose schtick seems designed to validate the liberal caricature of libertarianism.  And her goofy polemic fails even on its own terms.  She mocks vegans for their knee-jerk animus towards Monsanto, while, a few paragraphs later, extolling the virtues of “autonomy” and “success through competition.”  Because nothing embodies such supposed libertarian values quite like Big Agra, with the massive subsidies they soak up and the ever-revolving door between the FDA and their corporate board rooms.  I know I probably shouldn’t expect much from an obnoxious former “VJ,” but she makes it too easy.  It’s like making fun of vegans.