In case you haven’t heard, some guy named Rick Perry, who looks like Mitt Romney’s country fried half-cousin, has entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination, and apparently he’s even more of a “know-nothing” than George W. Bush and Michelle Bachmann!  Since when is knowing something a prerequisite for being president?  That’s what they hire advisors for.*  I mean, what does Barack Obama “know,” other than how to give a speech that sounds vaguely like some civil rights leader from back when and how to make self-satisfied liberals feel even better about themselves than they already do?  The only difference is that Rick Perry has to pander to religious yahoos, global warming heretics, and people who are skeptical of the diktats coming from Chairman Ben over at the Fed, instead of the Whole Foods set.  He knows all he needs to know.  As for how he would govern in the event that he somehow manages to bamboozle his way into the white house, I imagine it wouldn’t be much different than the way his predecessor did.

(*Phil Giraldi at has a piece that also compares Perry to Bush, and also portrays Perry as a know-nothing—in this case, somebody who knows nothing about foreign policy and who is, therefore, an easy mark for those wily neocons who are grooming him so that in case he gets elected president he’ll be ready to…continue running U.S. foreign policy as it’s been run for the last, I don’t know, 40 years or so.  Again, I’m not sure what knowledge has to do with anything here.)