Fucking and Killing

Not long after this story initially broke, we had some family over for dinner and the subject was brought up.  There was much agreement about what a disgrace it was, and then one person said, “They should all be fired and replaced with veterans returning from overseas.”  I love how it’s a “scandal” that a bunch of dudes on business—oh, but it’s official government business of the utmost importance, and our tax money!—in a foreign country hired women for sex.  I mean, who ever heard of such a thing?!  Seriously, it strains all credulity to think that any grown person, even an American, could in any way be shocked by this.  Meanwhile, of course, the ongoing slaughter of children with remote control airplanes elicits not a peep of (for-public-consumption) outrage from our illustrious elected idiots and the media organs that serve them.  And best of all, we get to watch Joe Lieberman, the man who gets a hard on just thinking about dropping bombs on people in sandy, faraway places, play arbiter of good taste and proper moral conduct.   Americans can spill all the blood they want.  But as soon as they start spilling semen, look out—heads are gonna roll!