A Surefire Cure for Any Disease

Lately I’ve noticed “suicidal thoughts or feelings” listed as one of the several dozen side-effects in ads for two different drugs being peddled on TV.  That one of these ads is for an anti-depressant suggests that its creator has a sharp sense of irony.  Then again, maybe they’re onto something.  Suicide will surely put an end to whatever pesky ailment you happen to be suffering from.


2 thoughts on “A Surefire Cure for Any Disease

  1. When I saw the title, my reflexive response was,

    “What is DEATH, Alex?”

    I can’t wait. DSM-5 will be out soon and no doubt, psychiatric ailments with Rx “solutions” will run as mundane as “no longer craves caramels” or “doesn’t want to floss.”

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